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Our Team


m Callum Negus Fancey

Founder & CEO

Lemar Rasoul

m Lemar Rasoul

Group Financial Controller


m Ashley Hunter-Love

Group Consultant


m Eliska Peskova

Office Manager

AJ photo

m Anna Johnstone

PA to Callum


Our Companies

Andrzej Moyseowicz

m Andrzej Moyseowicz

Co-Founder of Freemavens

Chris Palengat

m Chris Palengat

Co-Founder of Freemavens

Liam Negus-Fancey

m Liam Negus-Fancey

Co-MD of TPN

Ian Strang

m Ian Strang

Co-MD of TPN

Malte Nuhn

m Malte Nuhn

MD of Kami


Contact us

    • , 3 Loughborough Street, London SE11 5RB
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